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The Bronze Package

The Bronze Package is a great affordable option to dip your toes into the world of self-publishing. It covers all the basics that you need and is a no fuss option.

First you need to decide if you require any assistance with preparing your manuscript and designing your cover. If you need our help with these, please see our design services page.

Alternatively, if you’d like to do the work yourself, simply prepare your files to our required specification and send them over. If you’re unsure what our requirements are, please download our free guide: Supplying PDF Files for Print.

The Bronze Package includes:

  • Purchase of ISBN number.
  • Bound proof for approval.
  • Legal distribution of the library copies with accompanying letters.
  • Our designer will add a copy page to the text and ISBN barcode to the cover along with our logo and the required RRPs.
  • Data feed sent to Nielsen.
  • Listing on our retail sites for 1-year (renewable on subscription for a fee of £25 + VAT per year, per title). Examples of these sites include and The Great British Bookshop.

To proceed with publishing with us, you will need to read through and sign a publishing contract. You can see a dummy contract here.

Once your contract is signed and the agreed fee paid, we will start work.

It typically takes 5-7 working days for you to receive a bound proof. If you have provided your own files, our designer will simply add the necessary copy page to the text and barcode to the cover, then we’re good to print.

If you have requested a more in-depth design service for your cover and/or text file, then please allow a further 2-3 weeks for your PDFs to be created.

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