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Independent publishing is a competitive industry that faces many challenges, such as demand for good quality, diverse literature. Luckily, we support all publishing endeavours and provide a full bespoke service tailored to your production and distribution needs.

We also understand that just because you might choose to release a small number of publications, doesn’t mean you don’t have global needs.

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Self Published Book

Self Published Book Ca

“100% of our prints go through Printondemand-worldwide and what we do is completely determined by our clients. We couldn’t afford to continuously produce such short print runs but using Printondemand-worldwide offers us a cost-effective solution.”

Honeybee Books

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The benefits of printing with Printondemand-worldwide:

We understand that the independent publishing market thrives best with quality over quantity, by choosing to release a limited number of books, with no warehousing and distribution planning, we help you take care of time, costs and risk.

  • Low risk, low print strategy

    With BookVAULT you print copies only when you need them – it truly is ‘print-on-demand’. With BookVAULT there is no holding stock.

  • State-of-the-art Inkjet print technology

    The rise of graphic novels means a need for high quality finishes for artwork. By using the very latest in HD Inkjet technology with SC inks we print direct onto litho stock, producing photographic quality. Find out more

  • International ambitions with BookGLOBAL

    You can print locally and sell globally, we have wholesalers, distributors and retailers across North America and UK/Europe.

  • Tap into the potential of eBook

    There has never been a better time to have an eBook strategy in place, research by MIT shows that 70% of those who buy an eBook also buy the printed copy. Learn more about our eBook services

“Our authors are looking for a quality service that they can rely on and producing the finished product is an integral part of this. Printondemand-worldwide offers us the security and reliability we need. Our strong relationship and trust with Printondemand-worldwide means that we have no hesitation when providing our authors with £185 worth of complimentary printed copies of their books, knowing they’ll get the results they want. Often impressed by the service, our authors independently go back to Printondemand-worldwide for re-prints.”


Online sales are really important these days. Working with Printondemand-worldwide means my books are listed on The Great British Bookshop, where anyone can purchase a copy and get free delivery on their order. It’s a great tool and the fact that it all works by print on demand is even better.

Helen Wendy Cooper

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