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Academic Book and Journal Publishing

Academic publishers use our journal and book printing services to publish and distribute books for learning, education and reference.

Academic publishing remains a success story in the UK, with publishers adapting to the market and using digital print technology to keep up with the requirements of students, scholars and professional bodies.

We can meet the printing and publishing needs of academics across a variety of fields, providing low-cost textbook printing, on demand services and a global distribution network.

How does Printondemand-worldwide support academic journal printing?

Manage your journal with our print on demand service. Store and update your journal online for printing when your readers request it. This saves on up-front printing costs, and because of our journal distribution and delivery network we can take care of ensuring it ends up in your customer’s hands too.

No more excess academic and educational book stock. Academic publishers can manage their list from our print on demand platform, including previously out-of-stock titles.

Printondemand-worldwide uses the very latest in technology to provide a complete academic publishing solution that will allow you to store, update, digitally print and distribute your books and journals.

Academic book publishing and distribution

Our on-demand printing services can help you! By avoiding traditional offset printing, we help you achieve true on-demand print. Once you upload a book, it stays on the portal, meaning you can re-order with ease, avoid excess stock and eliminate warehousing.

Distribute your books worldwide with our global academic and professional book distribution service. We can distribute your book throughout the world, providing access to your articles and papers in ## countries. The world of academic isn’t constrained by boarders, why should you book be?

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Why choose Printondemand-worldwide academic publishing services?

  • Say no to stock

    Holding stock is a risk – and it costs money. With Bookvault you print copies only when you need them – it truly is ‘print-on-demand’

  • As you evolve, so do we

    From our revolutionary foil print-on-demand blocking service – removing expensive dyes, through to our ebook conversion and distribution service. We make sure we keep up with new trends and market demands.

  • Discoverability

    We use market leaders Code Mantra for conversion and metadata – ensuring your publications have high visibility for researchers.

  • Global distribution

    Libraries and patrons have quickly adjusted to print-to-digital conversion. With Bookvault we use your metadata to make your ebook titles available to over 1,000 retailers and more than 65,000 libraries worldwide.

Are you an academic publisher?

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