Environmental Credentials

We're So Green, We've Won Awards For It

We believe in being green and working towards an environmentally conscious printing future.

We’ve won many awards for our environmental flair over the years from the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice to the East of England Resource Efficiency Award. Our environmental credentials go across the entire company: we have made our site environmentally friendly by moving into our BREEAM premises in Peterborough.
Sustainable Reading Certification

Sustainable Reading

Show off your green credentials with the sustainable reading certification. Opt to offset the carbon produced in the manufacturing of your order, and have the option to display this certification at the back of your book to let your avid readers know, you are doing your bit to help.

Ecologi Partnership

Printondemand-worldwide has partnered with Ecologi to make a positive impact on the environment, this includes offsetting all of our workforce’s carbon produced with commuting, in addition to the use of solar panels throughout our facility and recycling of all production waste.

A Tree On Us!

Going the extra mile to be green is in our DNA, now with every order placed on BookVAULT, we will be planting a tree of our own. See how much we have contributed by visiting our forest.

We Love Paper!

We are proud to partner with Two Sides, promoting the sustainable and attractive attributes of print. The Love Paper campaign seeks to tell consumers across the world its environmental credentials to help improve mental wellbeing, learning and enhance creativity

Love Paper Logo

How We Use Our Site To Be More Environmentally Friendly

  • We can store larger levels of stock, reducing paper deliveries received from one per day to three per week
  • Our dispatch control system has been upgraded to make the best use of dispatch transportation, including shared deliveries when possible
  • We have invested in solar panels to reduce the amount of power we consume from fossil fuels

The Building Resources Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the world’s longest standing and most widely used way of measuring the environmental impact of buildings.



We record mileage and use schemes to make getting to work more environmentally friendly – including bike to work schemes and car sharing.

Waste & Recyling

75% of stocks are bulk packed reducing packaging, reduce off-cuts with 80% of pre-cut paper from paper suppliers. We of course recycle extensively within the premises too.

Energy Saving

BREEAM certified, along with our ISO 14001 compliance, means we have a framework for energy saving. We’ve invested in solar panels and had Brighter Green, a carbon reduction consultancy firm, review our energy usage.

Office Practices

We use VoIP and internet video conferencing to reduce face-to-face meetings, all toner cartridges are recycled, and quotes are sent to the customer either online, via email, or over the phone. Old technology is also recycled and donated to charity where possible.

FSC & PEFC Materials

All of the paper that we use to produce your books are from sustainable sources and are FSC & PEFC certified, meaning it has come from forests with sustainable practices in place.