Scientific, Technical and Medical publishing services

Scientific, technical and medical (or STM) publishers use our services so they have the right format and the right distribution model for them

Our services are streamlined and designed for ease-of-use to meet your complex needs.

Printondemand-worldwide offers solutions to counteract the pressure of funding production and distribution costs – helping you to continue publishing scholarly works. We understand the impact of academic libraries’ shift towards open-access models and work hard to provide solutions that, in turn, work for you.

How does Printondemand-worldwide support the scientific, technical and medical publishing market

Our services have been streamlined to take the hassle out of production and distribution; leaving you time to commission, peer-review, edit, publish and disseminate distinguished articles for your subscribers.

Printondemand-worldwide uses the very latest in technology to provide a complete publishing solution software that will allow you to store, update, digitally print and distribute your journals.


Why choose our scientific, technical and medical publishing services?

  • Say ‘no’ to stock

    Holding stock is a risk – and it costs money. With Bookvault you print copies only when you need them – it truly is ‘print-on-demand’.

  • Create books and journals for the STM market

    Manage all publications and subscriber functions with Bookvault, with a wide and flexible range of paper and binding choices.

  • Ebook formats for researchers

    Convert any publication into electronic form. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer conversion into multiple formats. Contact us to learn more.

  • Discoverability

    We use market leaders CodeMantra for conversion and metadata – ensuring your publications have high visibility for researchers.

  • Global distribution

    Libraries and patrons have quickly adjusted to print-to-digital conversion. With Bookvault  we use your metadata to make your ebook titles available to over 1,000 retailers and more than 65,000 libraries worldwide.

Printondemand-worldwide is one of our core print-on-demand suppliers, and it has grown rapidly to become a very valuable partner for us, primarily because of its flexibility, outstanding customer service and excellent quality.

Gareth Jarrett, Inventory Manager at Taylor & Francis Books

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