Publishing solutions for training companies

Training companies need to quickly and affordably publish and print textbooks and more – our range of formats, distribution models and publishing services help you to achieve just that

We find publishing solutions that are suitable for niche publishing needs – working with you to exceed expectations.

Because we have such a flexible printing service, we won’t just stop at printing textbooks and training books for your customers. Instead, we can print a multitude of materials to support your business needs.

We’ve used Printondemand-worldwide since day one and we just wouldn’t go elsewhere now. Whatever needs printing we do not hesitate to go straight to them, whether it’s a few pieces of loose printed paper or a large training booklet – they even print our Christmas cards.

Chris Roden, Lloyd Roden Consultancy

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Accuracy is always provided

Our current clients in the training sector need to have material ready in time to support their course. Whether they are individuals or whole teams learning from up to 500-page books, the accuracy of the prints can’t be compromised on.

Lloyd Roden Consultancy explained, “With students physically learning from our books and referring to presentation slide print-outs; we need a service that we can rely on to be completely accurate, so our courses can run smoothly.”


Supporting training companies and their printing and publishing needs

Our publishing services have been designed to give a complete package, from BookWIZARD which allows short- and long-run printing, to The Great British Book Shop, our distribution partners serving your publications worldwide.

Say 'no' to Stock

Holding stock is a risk – and it costs money. With Bookvault you print copies of your textbooks only when you need them – it truly is ‘print-on-demand’.

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Manage your workflow

Integrate your e-commerce website with Bookvault for automatic order placement: reduce admin and increase speed to market. This is an essential tool for keeping courses running.

Are you a training company looking for a complete publishing service?

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