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Spine Width Calculator

Our spine width calculator is designed to help you understand what spine width your book will require. Many of our customers find this helpful when setting up the artwork for their book covers.

To start calculating the spine width of your book, simply choose your book type and enter the page count below. Once you’ve calculated the width of your spine below and you’re ready to print your own book, you can use our online quote calculator to move forward!

The final size of your spine calculation must be used alongside the dimension of the cover design artwork. Remember to add an extra 3mm for the bleed.

What is the bleed?

Any background colour or image will need extending for an additional 3mm beyond the outer edges – this is known as ‘bleed’. This will be cut off when the book is bound. Learn more about bleed and other printing and publishing industry terms here.

Book sizes

The size of your book is naturally important for the context and market that you wish to sell into. We therefore pride ourselves on a variety of industry sizes, as well doing custom sizes for you.

  • Novel (203mm x 127mm)
  • Standard (197mm x 132mm)
  • Demy (216mm x 138mm)
  • US Royal (229mm x 152mm)
  • Royal (234mm x 156mm)
  • A5 (210mm x 148mm)
  • A4 (297mm x 210mm)
  • Square (210mm)
  • And, of course, Custom Size