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The Great British Bookshop store is exclusive for authors and publishers using the BookVAULT system to print their books, see how you can manage your titles on this simple to use system.

How Much Does It Cost?

All books we sell are produced on demand from our manufacturing plant, as we print inhouse we are able to cut out any middle man and give you the best price possible to print your books.

Access Global Retailers

The Great British Bookshop can open up access to sales through various other retailers worldwide such as Amazon, Gardners, Alibris etc. giving your book a global reach to maximise sales potential.

How Does It Work?

Add Your
Title & Files

Upload your title infromation and files onto BookVAULT

Submit Wholesale

Supply us with your ONIX data, pricing & discount options which feeds out to TGBBS feeds

Find Your Book

Your book will be avaialble on TGBBS instatnly after submitting

Made & Dispatched
In 48hrs

We will receive the order, print this on demand and dispatch within 48hrs

Receive Publisher

Make more with every sale on TGBBS than other retailers, analyse your sales on BookVAULT

It Pays To Sell With The Great British Bookshop

Based on a book with an RRP of £20.00 and an available retailer discount of 35%, you have the potential of earning up to 69% more selling with us rather than other online retailers.

TGBBS Price Card
Retailer Price Card

We Want To Help You Sell Your Books

We want to see you maximise sales for every new book you produce, that’s why we have come up with some helpful tools that you can use on your website/promo material or anywhere you can think of, to get more customers buying your books.

QR Code

Help your customers find your products with a quick scan of a QR code, or even get it put straight into their basket and checkout.

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Buy Now Button

Start selling from your own site! Add a ‘Buy Now Button’ to get your customer straight to checkout with your book in their bag.

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Advertising Space

Bring your exciting new titles to our homepage and tell the thousands of passing traffic about your book to increase sales.

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Custom Collections

Categorise titles your way! Create a custom collection of products, perfect for managing your books. Got a book series, make it into a collection and your customers can add it straight to their cart.

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Easy Catalogue Management

Bring a buzz to your next book launch! Generate some promotional codes on BookBAULT to pass to your customers or bookshops that may be interested in stocking your book.

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Advanced Reporting

Gain access to the insights of your book! Find out how many people are viewing your book, where they are coming from and what’s stopping them from buying to maximise your sales.

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As the customer, you’re able to determine the percentage that is taken by the retailer and call all be done on the BookVAULT platform. The higher the percentage, the more likely the retailer will want to stock and sell your book. The Great British Bookshop will only take 10% from your available discount as standard, increasing to 20% if there is promotions on offer*, meaning this retailer will always get you the best return on each sale.

All bookstore retailers work differently. For example, Paperbackshop receives bulk orders of books from us daily to then be shipped onto the end consumer. Other retailers, such as Amazon, Gardners and The Great British Bookshop, will send directly to the bookstore.

All the books are printed on demand, we have strict SLA’s with the retailers and all orders placed through retailers and printed and dispatched within 48hrs, often they will be printed and dispatched the same day the order is placed!

Once the title has been set up on BookVAULT, our system will send out the feeds to all the retailers. Your book will get listed onto The Great British Bookshop straight away ready for sale, the other retailers can take a bit longer to show as available, but usually appear after about 2 – 3 weeks.