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Book Size Guide

If you would like to download your free book size guide, please fill out the details on the form below. The guide will show you book sizes from Standard to Royal and can be printed so you can see the different sizes compared to one another – just make sure you select ‘actual size’ in your printer settings before printing and this will eliminate any size reductions.

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At Printondemand-worldwide we understand that the size of your book is important for the context and market that you wish to sell into. We therefore pride ourselves on a variety of industry sizes, as well doing custom sizes for you.

However, knowing which book size you’d like relies on a visual representation to truly decide if this is right for your book.

We even provide the book sizes in cm and mm

  • Standard (19.7cm x 13.2cm) (197mm x 132mm) – Our standard book size.
  • Novel (20.3cm x 12.7cm) (203mm x 127mm) – A popular size for trade paperbacks in the UK.
  • A5 (21cm x 14.8cm) (210mm x 148mm) – This size is usually used for novels, notebooks, and pocket books.
  • Demy (21.6cm x 13.8cm) (216mm x 138mm) – The type of fiction you would see in a UK airport tends to be Demy – because it is slightly larger than UK trade books and attracts more attention.
  • US Royal (22.9cm x 15.2cm) (229mm x 152mm) – American trade books come in this bigger size.
  • Royal (23.4cm x 15.6cm) (234mm x 156mm) – Slightly larger than the US trade size and will also suit hardcover books.
  • A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) (297mm x 210mm) – A4 is the standard size used for many magazines and catalogues.
  • Square (21cm) (210mm) – We like this size for full-bleed images when using landscape or portrait formatting.
  • And, of course, Custom Size – Because we are the home of flexible services.