School Yearbooks

Yearbook Printing

School yearbook printing is something we specialise in. We understand this can be a very special and important service which is why we offer it. When it comes to finishing primary or secondary school and a leavers yearbook is created for the students – it should be cherished for a lifetime in order to hang onto those memories.
We can offer the most beautiful yearbooks in full colour giving you the best results to suit all budgets without compromising on quality in colour printing. This of course includes books for primary schools and secondary schools.

Create your yearbook

Hardback school yearbooks

Hardbacks (otherwise known as PPC – Printed Paper Case) have become extremely popular when it comes to yearbook printing – this is because it offers the best quality, the books are robust and give it a finish that looks really professional. The quality of these books are designed to be robust and last much longer than a paperback copy. They really do showcase the beauty of the images that will be printed inside and give it a prestigious look!

Softback school yearbooks

When it comes to yearbook printing, we offer to help everyone regardless of budget and you can still have a very high quality yearbook as a softback option (otherwise known as a paperback book). Your photos will still be printed on the same paper stocks we offer across the board so the images won’t be affected in terms of quality.
This type of book binding is known to everyone, it’s the most popular book type and the most printed style that is printed globally. Softback yearbooks will be more cost effective, they’re more portable and there’s a quicker turnaround time to get your order produced for your pupils.

Your local UK school yearbook printing company

Here at Print on Demand, we print thousands of books each month and have been in the printing business for just over 25 years now and we are based in the UK. The knowledge and experience of printing we have can really assist in your printing project and nothing is too big or too small for us. We can print a single copy for you or can complete larger orders in the thousands.

Perfect for primary school leavers

Year 6 yearbooks have become so popular over the years – it’s the end of an era and definitely a time that parents will want to remember! The first stent of being at school is complete!
You’ll want to see all those special memories captured beautifully in either a soft back or a hardback book for years to come. If you’re looking to give your pupils the perfect send off, our Year 6 leavers books not only look great but also provide a great opportunity for the whole year group to work together on something fun and exciting.

Secondary school leavers yearbook

When high school is coming to an end – leavers books are the perfect way to sign off from another major milestone in a childs life whilst also treasuring the memories and looking back to see how much they’ve grown!
This will most likely be one of the last places to receive a yearbook so we want to help you to make it even more special! Again, it’s entirely your chose if you would like it to be hardback of soft back – we can create either design for you.

School yearbook printing file setup

To get the best yearbook design, we always recommend creating your files using Adobe InDesign which is the worlds leading design software. You can also use yearbook templates which can be found online.
We will need a cover and text (inner) PDF file so we can print it but as mentioned, if you need the option to get some help then a designer can guide and advise you or do the work for you for a small charge to get the files ready.

How much does it cost to print a yearbook?
We are here to show you that you can have a really high quality, full colour school yearbook without the eye watering costs. If you know all the details of your school yearbook such as page count, book size and quantity – then our BookWizard quoting system is really easy to use and will give you the price.
What to write in a school yearbook?
A school year can be totally unique to you, your school and the students – there’s no right or wrong way when it comes to creating one.
Typically speaking, you will find leavers yearbooks to contain each class or year group with the students photo and their name underneath. Their teachers are usually included within this as well and will write a message wishing their students good luck for their future!
How to create a yearbook?
Creating your school yearbook should be simple and fun! It all starts with you and your students so assemble your team as you’ll want to plan what photos and other images you’d like in the yearbook.
The easiest way to create the PDF files we’ll need to print the book for you is using Adobe InDesign. If you’re new to designing then we have a downloadable guide for you to follow.