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You’ve come to this page because you’ve created a masterpiece that you’re now ready to print. Whether that’s a comic book or graphic novel – you want to bring your story to life. And we can help.
Give your readers a vibrant and immersive reading experience. Our state-of-the-art printers offer the best quality colour printing options on the market. We can help you produce high-quality comic books without breaking the bank. Comic book printing at affordable prices from 1 copy up to 1,000 copies.

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Superior quality paper choices

We have five different paper types for you to choose from. Each paper option will help bring out detail in the different ink colours or if you’ve chosen a black and white (mono) book, the standard of the print will still be incredible.

  • 80gsm Bond – ideal for mono text printing.
  • 70gsm Cream – off-white wove which is ideal for mono printing.
  • 100gsm Coated – smoother touch and ideal for colour printing.
  • 115gsm Coated – thicker paper, perfect for colour printing.
  • 150gsm Coated – premium stock and ideal for heavy colour printing.

If you’re unsure about the paper weight, the higher the GSM (grams per square meter) the thicker the pages will be in your book. We’re happy to discuss orders and your preferred paper option at any time – don’t hesitate to give us a call!

The most popular comic book sizes

We have a full range of sizes available on our website for you to choose from. You can opt for a more traditional style or, make your product completely unique in the market by breaking the printing-norm!

  • A4 (297 x 210mm)
  • US Letter (279mm x 216mm)
  • A5 (210 x 148mm)
  • Squared (210 x 210mm)

Ready to print your order?

Once your files and documents are ready, it’s a straightforward process to get your order onto our printing system. Each book we print needs to be supplied in the correct size and in PDF format. We will review your file before we move onto the proofing stage. If the file is incorrect, a member of our team will be in touch to let you know.

Estimated delivery times

Our current turnaround times for delivery are between 7 – 10 working days. Please note, this can vary depending on the time of year and the number of copies you’ve ordered.
Which finish is best for graphic novels and comic book printing?
Once you’re ready to print your graphic novel, we have plenty of paper finishes, binding, and printing styles to choose from.
Depending on the number of pages in your comic book, there are two standard binding options that work best with most orders for graphic novels and comic books. With most full-colour books, the artwork is the attention-grabber. If you’re unsure of which binding style will work best with your artwork, please speak to one of the team.

  • Saddle stitch binding – one of the most popular binding styles! This is held together with staples in the middle of the printed pages. It’s cost-effective and has the traditional look and feel of most comic books.
  • Paperback binding – (also known as a softback or perfect bound book) is where a thicker paperweight is used on the cover and is held together with adhesive PUR glue on the spine.
What’s the difference between comic books and graphic novels?
Comic books are traditionally shorter stories split over a series of comics. Most comic books will have fewer pages than a graphic novel. Making a comic book much cheaper to print. Graphic novels are much longer and have a storyline wrapped up in one or two books.

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We’d love to chat with you about your comic book ideas and help with your order! We can help with the print process, printing costs, paper samples, any issues or questions you might have on the file preparation too.
You can also speak to one of our customer service team who can organise sending some book samples your way before you make any choices.