Our Capabilities

Pre-press services

We use a PDF workflow, to ensure all components required for printing are covered. Our expert team will work with you to meet your requirements

Our high-speed digital and inkjet printing presses eliminate the need for plates, storage and many timely processes associated with traditional litho printing.

Using the latest workflow technology, we offer affordable high-quality digital printing, including colour insert sections on coated papers. At Printondemand-worldwide we also provide editorial services if needed, through our comprehensive BookPUBLISHER service.

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  • Interior design and page layout services from £4 per 1,000 words (minimum charge £45)

  • Spelling and grammar critique from £11 per 1,000 words

  • Manuscript amendments from £25 per 1,000 words


Try our online book printing calculator, BookWIZARD

We don’t like our customers to come across any monetary surprises, which is why our book printing calculator, BookWIZARD, provides you with an instant quote. With BookWIZARD you can specify:

  • Type of job required
  • Page count
  • Paper stocks
  • Binding and finishing styles
  • The type of proof you require – we even provide digital proofs for free
  • Optional extras including scanning, dust cover jackets, foil blocking
Use our book printing cost calculator

Who can benefit from our pre-press services?

Authors and self-publishers

Authors and self-publishers can send us their hard copy manuscripts to convert. We also provide a full pre-press service from proofreading to paper selection.

Trade publishers

Trade publishers can bring their backlist titles to life without worrying about having PDF-only copies.

Academic publishers

Academic publishers can use plate sections for an Academic Monograph.

Pre-press solutions

We not only handle your artwork preparation requirements, but we also bring your out-of-print hard copy books back to life.

  • We can convert documents for you from most of the industry standard applications.
  • Scan books and re-collate the file into a PDF format
  • Optimise the files to cope with mixed text and images
  • Redesign and/or typeset your hard copy books
  • Scan and recreate your cover using high-resolution colour scanning, including repairing blemishes and adjusting the spine size

PDF submissions

PDF is the best format for submitting your work to us. We can convert to PDF for an additional fee, though you might want to give it a go yourself.

Tips for PDF submission

We can also convert any file into electronic formats: The possibilities are endless.

Now we have converted your manuscript into PDF format it’s a great time to think about your e-resource strategy! Did you know research by MIT shows that 70% of those who buy an eBook also buy the printed copy?

We don’t just rely on technology but use our own digital skills to make sure your publication is as elegant and readable as the printed version.

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