Our Capabilities

Mono printing for paperback and hardback books

High-definition paperback and hardback mono printing

Our high-quality digital printing service is an affordable way of producing professional grade publications. Mono printing offers an inexpensive way to produce non-colour books, journals and brand collateral.

Popularly used in the creation of paperback books, text books and reference and resources our modern mono printing provides the highest quality black and white book printing. With the ability to produce incredible black and white detail images within hardback and paperback books, precise diagrams and illustrations can brought to life, reliably in every copy.

Discover the potential of our mono printing service

We offer revolutionary monochrome printing with near lithographic results. At Printondemand-worldwide we believe in investing in the latest technology to cut processes and deliver quality print for less cost than traditional presses.

We can:

  • Print black and white plate sections onto gloss/satin paper
  • Produce a higher quality image reproduction for photo printing or art books
  • Give 1200 dpi quality with halftone screens at an unprecedented 180 lpi (lines per inch) ─ perfect for commercial offset printing

Who can benefit from our digital mono print services?

All publishers can benefit from the quality and speediness of our mix of toners and Inkjet printers – but it is those looking specifically for low costs and highly technical monochrome printing that benefit the most. Mono printing for black and white paperback books is particularly popular with scientific, technical and medical publishers as well as independent publishers looking for reliable low-cost printing.

Find out more about the types of publishers we work with

This is just a small list of some of the items that would be perfect for this service:

  • Educational textbooks
  • Technical/Course material
  • Newsletters
  • Small to large print orders for trade press
  • Booklets
  • Journals that require no colour artwork

Get a quote for professional mono printing

Find out how much digital mono printing will cost you, use BookWIZARD – our easy-to-use online book printing calculator.

BookWIZARD - online book printing calculator