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Premier self-publishing service working exclusively with Printondemand-worldwide for over a decade

After being established for over 20 years, self-publishing service WRITERSWORLD has published compelling mental health reads to fun children’s books. As a small company by design, they work with select authors, but this hasn’t stopped them from featuring in the highly respected Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook. WRITERSWORLD has a policy that continues to attract an array of authors where everything they do must be ethically, professionally and physically better than all their competitors.

To maintain their high-quality standards, WRITERSWORLD has been working exclusively with Printondemand-worldwide to produce exceptionally printed copies of their authors’ books.

Working exclusively with a print-on-demand company for over ten years

WRITERSWORLD has been working with Printondemand-worldwide for over ten years and after comparing the quality of their service with other printing houses, they won’t look anywhere else.

“We wouldn’t find a better printing house elsewhere, it just couldn’t be the same service without Printondemand-worldwide,” explained Graham Cook from WRITERSWORLD.

WRITERSWORLD is adamant that without Printondemand-worldwide they wouldn’t get the results their authors require.

“Our authors are looking for a quality service that they can rely on and producing the finished product is an integral part of this. Printondemand-worldwide offers us the security and reliability we need.”

“Our strong relationship and trust within Printondemand-worldwide means that we have no hesitation when providing our authors with £185 worth of complimentary printed copies of their books, knowing they’ll get the results they want. Often impressed by the service, our authors independently go back to Printondemand-worldwide for re-prints”

Kept up to date with a personalised service

Printondemand-worldwide offer their clients a dedicated account manager, where they’re ready to answer any questions and keep clients up to date with timescales.


“Our account manager is a key example of the way that Printondemand-worldwide work. She is very courteous and polite, as well as skilled.”

A printing house you can rely on

WRITERSWORLD takes pride in their strong relationship, which has consistently remained throughout the decade of working together.

“Our relationship with Printondemand-worldwide has continuously been strong. Our communication has always been honest and fair.”

They haven’t only continued to work with Printondemand-worldwide for their service, but for their staff too.

WRITERSWORLD explains, “It really makes a difference when the staff at Printondemand-worldwide are so commendable. I really admire MD Andy Cork who has built such a successful business like Printondemand-worldwide.”

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