Case Studies

Benefitting from automated services to manage rapid increases in orders, part of Shurville Publishing Ltd, has been providing government education guidelines to professionals since 2014.  

As the number one supplier of books and resources to schools and nurseries, covers all the essential educational sectors including early years, primary, secondary and even revision packs to support parents. 

Printing large quantities made effortless

Ever since its formation has been using Printondemand-worldwide to print a wide range of its books and resources, including its popular primary school workbooks and its Department of Education handbooks. 

Ollie from said:

“When we first set-up we had no idea what the volume of demand would be. We were shocked by the number of orders and we expanded very quickly. Thankfully we were using Printondemand-worldwide, which meant orders of large quantities and printondemand wasn’t a problem.” 

Environmentally conscious and quality results

With’s professional reputation in mind, its printed materials needed to align with its values, which is why it chose to work with Printondemand-worldwide. explained,

“A supplier that can continuously produce quality prints for our books in an environmentally friendly manner is essential to us – which is why we’ve always stuck by Printondemand-worldwide.” 

Management solutions

With a continuously increasing demand of orders, needed an effective organisational tool – BookVAULT and its custom integration options proved to be just that.  

TheNationalCurriculum explained,

“The custom automated ordering software by Printondemand-worldwide is hugely helpful and vital for the management of rapidly increasing orders.” 

Avoiding unnecessary stock

The automated software used by Printondemand-worldwide not only offers management solutions but stock too.  

TheNationalCurriculum emphasised, “Printondemand-worldwide’s software enables us to incorporate a service that doesn’t require wasting space by holding stock, as we are able to print copies of our workbooks as and when required.” 

Customer service assistance

Printondemand-worldwide uses tracking software that allows customers to check the progress of all their orders. 

Ollie said:

“Their tracking software is absolutely excellent, and it allows us to provide even better customer service as we’re able to inform our customers of their order progress.” 

Exceptional account management

Printondemand-worldwide ensures every customer receives a personal service where an account manager is readily available for any questions. explained,

“Our account manager has always been brilliant. It’s amazing to have someone on hand to provide help if we ever need it. The staff are always very helpful and friendly on the phone – Printondemand-worldwide always gets the job done!”  

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