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The Lutterworth Press

Discovering a print-on-demand solution for teaching materials

The Lutterworth Press work closely with our teams for the print and delivery of their books – with departments across the publishing house, including management, editorial, sales and customer services, all working with Printondemand-worldwide.

Using print-on-demand services, The Lutterworth Press team also, on a daily basis, use BookVAULT – our online platform featuring file management, automatic stock replenishment and more.

With The Lutterworth Press’ continued use of BookVAULT in mind, when we embarked upon updating the platform in 2019 – to introduce new features and a new user experience – we wanted to involve them in their process. Our in-house software developer, Lewis Davies, explained: “When updating BookVAULT, we wanted the new platform to take on board our customers’ feedback. We work closely with our customers every day and we wanted to make sure that the new and improved BookVAULT not only met – but exceeded their expectations.”

With the new BookVAULT now ready for customers to demo, we spoke to The Lutterworth Press about their experience with Printondemand-worldwide and involvement in testing and trialling the new platform.

Working with a cost-effective, responsive book printing service

Jade Heyman, sales and publicity manager at The Lutterworth Press, explained that the team have been working with Printondemand-worldwide since 2011: “Printondemand-worldwide provides a printing service for most of the books we publish. As a result, we often use their BookVAULT platform daily, with weekly emails and calls with the team. Most recently, we have been participating in the testing of the new BookVAULT platform too.”

Citing our competitive prices in relation to quality, Jade also explained that their partnership with us has meant an improvement in turnover time for their books.

Jade said: “The interactivity with Printondemand-worldwide staff has been good and we are pleased with the new BookVAULT – being a part of its development has been a very positive process.

“The prices are interesting relative to the competition and the business relationship between our organisation and Printondemand-worldwide is very good. We saw first-hand their willingness to develop their service and use the latest technology in order to lead market trends – as we saw when we visited their offices and printing facilities recently.”

We were impressed with the new equipment and the considerable investment it represents.

Jade Heyman

A new, more user-friendly and modern, print-on-demand platform

The Lutterworth Press contributed to the beta testing of the new BookVAULT, providing weekly feedback over a three-month period.

At the end of the testing, Liam – from the publishing house’s sales and publicity team – explained that the new system struck him as much more user-friendly with great wholesale toggle options and a new search function on the user’s library in BookVAULT.

Jade explained further: “BookVAULT’s new dashboard provides a handy overview of current orders being processed, as well as quick access to actions (such as add a new title or check orders). The design is more modern and reflects the responsiveness of the Printondemand-worldwide team, via notifications and real-time updates. It also provides more information about orders, such as the estimated delivery dates. The process of adding titles is much improved in the new system too.”

For Jade, one of the standout features is the system’s new dashboard, along with detailed order information. For Liam, the system’s new intuitive layout is a highlight.

When asked whether the new print-on-demand BookVAULT system would help Jade’s day-to-day work and whether she would recommend it to a colleague, her answer was a resounding ‘yes’.

“From my point of view, as I use it mainly to search and process orders, the new BookVAULT is very helpful,” Jade added.

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