Case Studies

Sue Evans

From writing for enjoyment to three-times published with BookPUBLISHER

When writing her first book, Sue Evans never thought about having it published. Yet with her pen set down and the romance-come-crime novel completed, Sue began to toy with the idea of seeing what the next steps could be.

Just over a year later, Sue is now eagerly awaiting the publication of her third novel, with her first and second novels selling on Amazon, The Great British Bookshop and in selected retailers – and her first royalties cheque in the bank. In Sue’s own words: “I wouldn’t be in this position today if I hadn’t been able to find the right relationship with a publishing company. Printondemand-worldwide has been critical in helping me get to where I am.”

Looking for a trusted publishing and print-on-demand solution

“Writing Seven For A Secret, my first short novel, had been a therapeutic exercise. Although I never anticipated it, when I finished the book, it felt like the next natural step to look at getting it published. I started canvassing possible publishers – and that was a learning curve in itself. There are so many ‘vanity’ publishers out there who charge an awful lot of money upfront and you never know if you will make that back, particularly as a first time author. It struck me that authors were getting a raw deal out of it all.”

Until I came across Printondemand-worldwide, I couldn’t find any good packages that really suited me

A flexible publishing package with BookPUBLISHER

“What struck me immediately with Printondemand-worldwide is that you pay for what you want.

“Personally, I didn’t want to have to deal with sorting ISBN numbers, royalties and all the other admin associated with publishing a book. I knew a vanity publisher wasn’t right for me, and nor was the self-publishing route,” said Sue.

BookPUBLISHER from Printondemand-worldwide was the perfect alternative – offering a tailored package, which took care of the admin and made Sue’s novel available to a wide range of retailers – as well as direct to consumers.

Working with the Printondemand-worldwide team, Sue decided on a bespoke package including:

  • a spelling and grammar critique of her finished novel;
  • publishing essentials, including administrative tasks such as ISBN generation and managing royalties;
  • bespoke cover design;
  • six soft back copies for legal deposits;
  • three hard back copies,
  • and the title added to The Great British Bookshop, BookVAULT and Printondemand-worldwide’s systems, making the book rapidly available to retailers and members of the public.

“The package is exactly what I needed and I used it for my second and third books too. I’ve been able to quickly order print-on-demand short runs of 20 or so books, with a quick turnaround, to supply retailers local to me in Yorkshire.”

“The book cover design has exceeded my expectations each time – even though I always gave an idea of what I wanted, each time the Printondemand-worldwide team would come back with something so eye-catching and imaginative.

“The proofreading service has been invaluable too and the quality of print always very good, with the turnaround being just three to seven days for online orders.”

For Sue, her partnership with Printondemand-worldwide is a “living publishing relationship”, as she explained: “My writing continues to be a work in progress. I have the skeleton of another novel in the pipeline and I intend to enter into a further contract with Printondemand-worldwide over this.”

Advice to those aspiring to become published authors

When asked what Sue would say to those pondering whether to publish their first novel, she simply said: “Go for it!”

Acknowledging that the thought of publishing could be daunting – with many feeling stuck between vanity publishers or self-publishing – Sue urged authors to consider a BookPUBLISHER solution.

“Work with someone who can offer a flexible solution that works for you. BookPUBLISHER was perfect for me, but Printondemand-worldwide could help you realise your dream of being a self-publisher too.

“For me, Printondemand-worldwide was the trusted partner I was looking for – they are helpful, professional and I never felt hounded or pressured. I was able to choose a flexible package and I was always confident in the team’s expertise and knowledge.”

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If you would like to learn more about Sue’s novels, you can browse through The Great British Bookshop or visit her website