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Lloyd Roden Consultancy: Using BookVAULT

Discovering a print-on-demand solution for teaching materials

Lloyd Roden Consultancy has worked with Printondemand-worldwide for over 20 years and, along the way, has seen our solutions and services transform as we adopt the latest technology and processes. Most recently, Lloyd – director of the training and consultancy firm, specialising in software testing – has been involved with the development of our new print-on-demand platform, BookVAULT.

The result? Lloyd explains it best:

“The new BookVAULT has some really, really great features. It’s a straight-forward and clean system to use and features, such as the user being able to see the progress of their book printing, are going to make a big difference to how we manage the production of our training materials.

“I would absolutely recommend Printondemand-worldwide and BookVAULT. I used to create my training materials with a lever arch file and hole-punched A4 paper and now, with BookVAULT, we have books that our vast British and European customer base is hugely impressed with. The speed of turnaround, quality of print and flexibility of the system is exactly what we need – and we can see this being made even better with the introduction of the new BookVAULT.”

Developing a new, easy to use print-on-demand platform

Lloyd Roden Consultancy uses Printondemand-worldwide for the printing of their teaching materials – and that can mean multiple manuals and books in many different sizes, which need to be updated regularly as syllabuses and courses evolve.

BookVAULT was designed to be used by those looking to print books and materials – from publishers through to training firms. The platform allows individuals to upload books that can then be sent straight to print as and when required – either as single copies or in bulk. The system even allows users to print-on-demand – printing only when an order is placed, to avoid the need for costly stock and warehousing.

We embarked upon updating BookVAULT with new features and functionality in 2019. Our goal was to create an even easier to use platform with tools to make managing a print catalogue stress-free.

Lloyd was on board from the beginning – as one of our valued customers, he provided us feedback at each step of the way.

Lewis Davies, our in-house software developer at Printondemand-worldwide, explained: “When we embarked upon updating BookVAULT, we wanted it to be a customer-led project. Any good software development should be based on user feedback, with the aim of enhancing people’s experience using a platform. Working with Lloyd meant we were able to gather his feedback from the previous iterations of BookVAULT and make sure the new version took all of this on board.”

Lewis was great throughout the whole process. Any feedback I had, Lewis was always very proactive in taking it on board. Changes were often made in a couple of days.

Lloyd Roden

Putting customer feedback into action

Talking about the feedback process, Lloyd said: “Having worked with Printondemand-worldwide for over two decades, I had been using the previous system for some time and I knew the team were looking to make improvements.

“Lewis was great throughout the whole process. Any feedback I had, Lewis was always very proactive in taking it on board. Changes were often made in a couple of days.

“A great example was the spine width calculator. As the materials I upload to BookVAULT often change, the spine width changes too. I let Lewis know that it would be useful for me to see the spine width calculator in a couple of places in BookVAULT, so I could calculate the new width of books when uploading them. Lewis did exactly that and now the tool is easily accessible.”

New features to make print-on-demand easy

Working with Lloyd, BookVAULT has been developed to include great new features, such as:

  • Auto Nielsen, so you can get a title’s metadata at the click of a button.
  • PDF validation – once you have uploaded your files, we will validate them and report back on any issues!
  • 3D proofs, offering you the chance to see a 360-degree representation of your book before you go to print.

The platform can also be used with an API – so you can integrate your internal platforms with BookVAULT, allowing print orders to seamlessly pass between the two.

You can learn more about BookVAULT and how it can work for you by setting up a demo today. Simply email:

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