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Customer Experience Consultants

First-time author finds control over publishing with Printondemand-worldwide

Ian Golding, a customer experience specialist, wrote a book with the mission to help organisations deliver better experiences for their customers. Before finding Printondemand-worldwide, first time author Ian was clueless on how best to publish and distribute his new book.

After writing Customer What?: The honest and practical guide to customer experience, Ian needed to find a way to publish that was financially viable and allow him to print the book without retaining unnecessary stock. The solution was Printondemand-worldwide.

Increasing profit

Ian Golding explored various platforms to publish his book, but they often included a loss of sales and a reduction of quality.

“If I had used any other channels, I would have made significantly less money per sale and the quality of the book would have suffered. But with Printondemand-worldwide the process was simple, especially for a first-time author.”

He added, “Business books are aesthetically and physically expected to meet high standards. These standards have been met and customers are always commenting on how excellent the printing is and how great the paper is. The nature of the book and the physical appearance are in complete coherence and that’s entirely down to Printondemand-worldwide.”

A beneficial business model

Cost-effective solutions are required to make publishing worthwhile, Printondemand-worldwide has enabled Ian Golding to distribute his book in a completely financially safe process.

He said: “Using Printondemand-worldwide makes so much sense, their modernised model works really well. I can have books printed specifically to order. Authors are frequently asking me who my supplier is, and they can’t quite believe I can print on demand – no one does it quite like they do.”

Ian added, “It offers complete simplicity with stock-management whilst allowing me to have control over the process, I couldn’t have done this without them.”

A repeat customer

This is Ian’s first time putting a book to print, and using Printondemand-worldwide. With the book going from strength to strength, there is now the scope to have the book translated into Arabic and possibly Russian.

Ian commented, “I’m really pleased with how well the book is doing, it has the scale to become an international success, I will definitely be using Printondemand-worldwide to produce even more books.”

A recommended service

Printondemand-worldwide offers a reliable and consistent service, Ian said:

“I have no reason to look elsewhere. There’s very little effort to put in and with a busy diary, this is exactly what I need. I would definitely recommend Printondemand-worldwide to others, I can see myself being a customer of theirs for many years.”