Case Studies

Avado Learning

Committed to creating inspiring learning using Printondemand-worldwide

Avado is the leading provider for online professional qualifications in the UK. Specialising in online learning, they use the very latest online delivery and support techniques to assist students in meeting their goals and passing their exams.

They offer industry accredited professional courses in subjects including Accounting, Bookkeeping, HR, Marketing, Business, Childcare and Web Design through partners such as Association of Accounting Technicians, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Google and Adobe.

Their commitment to continuously providing their students with the very latest course content in the most usable format, all to be delivered within 48 hours, meant they needed a printing house of the highest calibre.

Dramatically improved stock control

Historically, Avado used the traditional inventory system by holding large volumes of stock in a warehouse and picking the items when orders were received.

This method brought with it numerous complications: items going out of date, too few being printed, too much being printed, which all led to the tying-up of cash and often scrapping the extra books, which proved to be costly and damaging to the environment. To completely abolish all these issues, Avado now use Printondemand-worldwide.

“Since our migration to Printondemand-worldwide we have experienced improved stock control and provision of materials to our students. This has allowed us to reduce unnecessary costs and most importantly provide our students with good quality materials and a level of service that they would expect.”


Integral to Avado was the interchange of data and by using Printondemand-worldwide’s automated service this meant their customers were able to check on the status of each title as well as view the progress of their orders at any time.

Avado emphasised, “Right from our first meeting Printondemand-wordlwide was quick to understand our business and the requirements we had. With their expertise they offered solutions that would meet these requirements and fit with our internal systems and processes.”

A fast and quality printing service

Avado require a service that allows their customers to trust that they will get their perfectly printed studying materials on time. This is why they chose Printondemand-worldwide.

Avado explained, “It was important for us to have a print partner that would allow us to promptly provide our students with the latest version of their course materials to ensure that they were not left waiting to start their studies.”

A committed relationship

Since early 2013, Avado has been working with Printondemand-worldwide. They haven’t swayed to other printing houses because they know this is a service they can rely on to print varieties of quantities and items.

Avado said: “I would recommend Printondemand-worldwide to anyone who is looking for a print partner, as they have met all of our expectations.”

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