Solar Powered Printing

It may be a washout of a summer, but at Printondemand-worldwide we like a challenge!

Printondemand-worldwide has decided that sustainable, renewable energy is the way forward for them and their customers and so has fitted the energy panels for the roof of their print plant.

Andy Cork, Managing Director of Printondemandworldwide explains, “So much of what we do as a company is now environmentally friendly.  Fitting solar panels seemed a natural extension to this.”

With Peterborough City being one of the UK’s four nominated Environment Cities, Andy advises his focus has always to push Printondemand-worldwide to be a truly environmentally conscious company, “We use PEFC and FSC certified papers for our book production, which means we can guarantee we supply products with respect for the highest, ecological, social and ethical standards of supply, and we also manufacture ‘eco’ books.  It means we calculate and offset the carbon associated with production and transportation of the books.  More and more of our customers are embracing and even demanding this approach to business. Solar panels now add to our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and strive for environmental excellence.”

Of course in this uncertain economic climate no business makes eco decisions without weighing up the long term business benefits.  With the cost of energy rising every year, solar energy does one thing for a business; it gives them back control of their energy bills. With the government also offering a rebate scheme, many businesses are making the decision to justify the cost of implementation, which can be in the tens of thousands, because the return on investment long term makes great business sense.

Andy goes on to recommend the panels whole heartedly to fellow business owners in the area, “Granted the project has meant an upfront investment, but for PODW the panels are estimated to pay for themselves in just 7 years!”

“What’s more, by reducing our overheads, in turn our customers gain the benefit, with our services being cost effectively priced and giving them piece of mind at the same time!”

Solar panels seem to be springing up across the city’s skyline so they must be a great environmental and economical option for many. And don’t let the lack of summer sun put you off. There is a misconception that solar panels don’t work in the UK.  This is far from true.  Solar panels generate energy from indirect sunlight; meaning even on a cloudy day some energy will still be produced. are doing their bit to make Peterborough a truly green city, and their business carbon efficient, here’s to more of the same across the UK!

Should you be inspired to reduce your own carbon footprint ask your account manager about our eco-book and carbon offsetting services or call us on 01733 237867 to learn more!