Osprey goes POD!

Osprey Takes Backlist to Print-on-Demand

Osprey Publishing, the Oxford-based military history publisher, today announced that they were making a sizeable portion of their backlist available as print-on-demand. From Wednesday more than 400 of their titles will be made available to trade customers, with a roll-out of the service to their online customer base 10 days later. This is the latest step in a long-running relationship with printondemand-worldwide who have been providing a short-run service to Osprey for the last 3 years.

Andy Cork, MD of printondemand-worldwide, noted that ‘Osprey books are highly illustrated and contain large sections of colour artwork – notable challenges when looking into shifting to a print-on-demand service. Our close working partnership with Osprey has meant that we have been able to hone our process while working on their short-run requirements, and improved technology means that we can now provide a cost-effective print-on-demand solution that gives a product that is virtually indistinguishable from traditional litho printings.’

This initial selection of titles is just the start for Osprey – another 400 titles are being prepared for the print-on-demand service. Osprey expects to have close to 1,000 backlist titles being offered as print-on-demand to UK and International customers by the end of the year. Plans are also at an advanced stage to have a similar service in place for North American customers by early 2013.

Osprey’s Global Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Ramalho, commented that ‘A backlist of over 2,000 titles is fantastic – but can create stock challenges. The collectible nature of our line of products means that there is continual demand for our backlist titles – even on books that were first published more than 40 years ago. The advancements that we have made in co-operation with printondemand-worldwide now means that we can bring back our full backlist into regular circulation, allowing our customers access to a staggering range of military history titles.’

Orders for these print-on-demand titles continue to be collected by GBS – and are dispatched directly by printondemand-worldwide to reduce shipping and processing times, providing a 10-day turnaround for both Trade and Direct-to-Consumer requirements.


Osprey is the leading publisher of illustrated military history. Founded in 1968 and with over 40 years of experience, Osprey has published more than 2,000 titles on a wide range of military history subjects from ancient times to the present day, covering battles, campaigns, uniforms, weapons, equipment, tactics and organisation. Osprey has launched an online membership system that allows their customers to browse through an archive of over 10,000 pieces of their trademark artwork. Additionally, Osprey has published a variety of other works, including giftbooks, essay collections and collaborations with national heritage organizations such as the Imperial War Museums. Osprey Publishing is part of Osprey Group.

For more information visit www.ospreypublishing.com


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